Intermet Inc.

Intermet Inc.

Industry Leader Among Ukrainian Companies

The production base of the enterprise is located on a land plot of 1.0379 ha, where administrative and household premises are situated, as well as production workshops with a total area of more than 4000 sq.m.

History of our company

since 2000

The company was founded on the basis of LLC Almet plant, which was engaged in aluminum alloys production. Previously it was the industry leader on the Ukrainian market

In 2017

The enterprise was reconstructed, a new melting and casting shop was put into operation. Process improvement and staff development

In 2021

Launch of additional smelting capacities, construction of a new raw materials receiving shop, modernization of the charge preparation shop, expansion of the finished products warehouse

Technical Process

Reception Hall

The workshop of receipt, sorting and preparation of raw materials is equipped with modern presses, electronic weighing equipment, cutting tools, capable to prepare 50 tons of charge per day.

Production Shop

The aluminium alloys production shop has high quality equipment, commissioned after the reconstruction of the plant in 2017, which allows achieving high quality of the produced secondary aluminium.

Spectrum Lab

A spectral laboratory for express analysis of aluminium alloys. Q2 ION (Germany) equipment for chemical composition control. We use standard samples from Norsk Hydro ASA Germany.

Rotary Melting Furnace

Capacity of 5 t/d and capacity of 25 t/d, since 2017


Capacity of 6t of used metal, since 2017

Automatic Production Management System

Implemented from 2018